Monday, October 5, 2015

Challenge Accepted...

  So one of my friends challenged me to do the #31DaysOfWritting challenge during the month of October (although technically I was a day late in beginning).  I like to write and she sees potential in my writing, so it seemed like a good idea.  It still does actually... even though I have to admit that it's quite hard for me to think of things to write about every day.  The funny thing is, I write about three blog post a day in my mind...they just never actually make it to paper.  I guess it's just going to take me being a bit more intentional and vulnerable, but none-the-less the challenge has (obviously) been accepted!
  The thing is, one of the hardest things about blogging for me is knowing that people I know are actually reading it....which sounds totally ridiculous considering I advertise what I write on my facebook and twitter accounts whenever I post a new entry.  And the truth is, I write a blog because I actually do want people to read what I write...that's kind of the point, otherwise I would just privately journal (which I also do, but nobody is allowed to read that), but it's much easier to write when I think that it's only strangers out there reading my words... like a shy girl in England or some Christian in Africa (it does not however help that sometimes I worry that terrorist groups out in the middle east are reading this and now have me on their hit list...but that' a whole nother issue!).
  I guess what I am realizing once again is that I'm not as comfortable sharing the inner-workings of Jessica with MY world.  When it comes to the whole world....sure, okay, why not.... because there's still some sort of ambiguity in writing online.  But when it comes to friends and relatives reading what I write, I realize that it opens up a whole new level of "real" into our relationships and I'm still learning to get comfortable with that.
  But maybe that's what this month will be about for me... maybe more than just being some writing challenge that helps me grow more in my skill, it will be a chance for me to grow more as a person and in my relationships.  Growth is never easy...in fact in most ways it usually has some pain associated with it... but it's always worth it in the end.  So I accept that challenge as well!  Here's to learning and growing and becoming more intimate with the world around me!  Wish me luck...and pray for me!

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